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Taking the AP U.S. History Exam

Exam dates for AP U.S. History are released in the United States Department of Education on Wednesdays during the school year. The most frequently scheduled exam date for this AP Exam is Wed, May 6th, 2020, at 8am local. This is the regularly scheduled exam date for the AP U.S. History Exam.

Section I: Multiple Choice Section I of the AP Exam consists of forty-five questions (five multiple choice questions and thirty-two multiple response questions) that test students’ ability to analyze and synthesize the materials presented in the selected text. The purpose of the multiple choice section of the exam is to have a student assess his or her understanding of the main points presented in the selected text. The multiple choice section of the exam is not intended to be a thorough examination of the historical material presented in the text.

As a student completes the multiple choice section of the exam, you must record your response on the multiple choice answer sheet. The essay portion of the exam requires you to answer a series of essay writing questions. Your essay should summarize the major points from the multiple choice section and support your arguments. There are two parts to the essay: an introduction, and the conclusion.

Essay Writing Question: On the essay writing question, write an argument for why the selected text provides a good basis for an informed discussion of the selected topic. State clearly and convincingly what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the selected text. State your personal opinion about the chosen text. State your reasons for selecting the chosen text. Include references and additional research.

Essay Introduction: The essay introduction will contain the title and the summary of the essay. You should begin your essay introduction with a single paragraph describing what you learned from the reading material and then continue your essay introduction with a paragraph describing why you believe that your learned information supports your conclusions and the conclusion of the essay.

Conclusion: End your conclusion by stating why you believe that the selected text provides the answers that you seek. End your conclusion by describing how the conclusions supported your chosen interpretation. For example, in your conclusion, you may conclude that the book’s title refers to an important American historical period or that the book supports your argument about a period in American history.

Students who successfully complete an exam of this type usually receive an AP letter grade of A or better on their AP examination. United States History quiz.

To find out the date and location of your exam, visit APA’s AP Exam Locator website. It is also possible to register for an AP Exam online. Registration can be done via phone, email, fax, or in person.

You can also register for an AP Exam through a participating school, community college, or technical college. However, the AP Exam can only be taken once each year.

The schedule of your exam will be sent to you in the mail. You should expect it by no later than January in most cases. The date and location of your exam will be posted on the AP website.

You may also need to submit an application to take the AP Exam. If you are a non-native speaker, you may be required to take a one hour tutorial before your exam to help you familiarize yourself with the material that will be presented in your exam. This tutorial is called a mock exam.

Once you have taken the AP Exam, you must wait at least a month before you can start preparing to take the next AP Exam. In most cases, you cannot start taking the next AP exam until after a year has passed.

Taking the AP U.S. History Exam
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