StatPro Cloud Solutions for Confluence Customers

The goal for any business in the 21st century is to build a customer database that keeps pace with the latest trends, as well as keeping customers satisfied. By gaining access to StatPro’s technology, Confluence can accelerate its efforts to move its core performance solutions to the cloud and keep both businesses’ history of making truly innovative, transformational products alive in the marketplace.

With StatPro’s cloud-based capabilities, Confluence can move to the Cloud, moving some of its key processes off-premise. Moving these key activities to the cloud means that the company will no longer need to rely on employees or any other infrastructure to keep track of the data. With its ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data from various sources across the web, the StatPro team can rapidly and easily provide companies with valuable insight into their business, providing them with an effective and reliable tool for tracking customer behavior across the board, helping to optimize the business in any way possible.

StatPro is now working with the cloud to provide the best possible solution for the customer database management that is at the heart of the Confluence business model. With an emphasis on simplicity of use and ease of deployment, StatPro has been able to become a leading choice in cloud-based solutions for companies with a variety of needs. The company’s cloud-based services include StatVantage, which is designed to help companies improve their competitive position and market share; StatPro Insight, which help to manage and monitor the entire marketing and communications process; and StatPro Customer Connector, which help to simplify the relationship between customers and their business.

Through these powerful solutions, StatPro can help to ensure that customers feel more confident about using the company’s products and services, while also helping to strengthen the customer’s loyalty to the company. By combining advanced analytics and sophisticated tools, StatPro helps businesses gain a competitive edge, helping to provide them with a better understanding of how their customers are shopping around and what is bringing them the most benefits. And by keeping these important insights confidential, customers feel better protected when shopping around and knowing their information is safe.

As part of this new partnership with the Cloud, StatPro will be able to build out its software solutions for the customer database management process. By making the necessary modifications to its existing software to bring it to the cloud, it will have the opportunity to help companies in moving forward with a more streamlined process, improving the ability of companies to handle massive amounts of data in a more efficient manner.

“With StatPro’s cloud-based service we are able to provide businesses with a more comprehensive and effective means to keep up to date with what consumers need today and take advantage of what they want tomorrow,” said John Koehn, StatPro CFO. “Cloud allows us to keep our customers informed and engaged while building stronger ties to the information they need to make informed decisions.”

This cloud-based solutions will allow for greater flexibility and more streamlined communication with the clients, which in turn gives them greater satisfaction. For those who are already using StatPro technology for one aspect of their business, they are able to take the information and improve it while also increasing the amount of customer satisfaction, which will then increase their overall profit margin.

“For all of Confluence’s customers, we are focused on helping to provide them with the highest level of service and value in the business. In order to meet these goals, we must be able to offer them with more robust, more flexible ways to use and deploy StatPro solutions, including moving our key processes to the cloud,” said Mike Bross, Chief Marketing Officer at Confluence. “With StatPro’s cloud-based solutions we’re able to do just that.

StatPro Cloud Solutions for Confluence Customers
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