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Some Things About Structural Design and Analysis

Structural Analysis is the analysis of the effect of loads on the structural parts and components of a structure. This includes the assessment of stress changes, structural loads, or the effects of the loads and deformations of the part. There are many factors which can influence these aspects of the structural properties of a structure. These include load factors, external force, design characteristics of the structure, weather conditions and even human activities like construction, demolition, installation and even use.

Buildings are made up of various parts including beams, floor framing, walls, columns, floors, ceilings, windows, doors and roofs. All of these parts have to work together to support the whole building structure and the entire building is usually made up of these parts and some other supporting elements like skylights and fireplaces. There are three main types of structural analysis. The first one is static analysis where you take into consideration the condition of the building structure in the past. The second type is dynamic analysis which includes factors like wind speed, rainfall, temperature and humidity of the area, wind direction, temperature fluctuations, earth movement and also structural damages due to fire and natural disasters.

Structural Analysis has two main types of instruments like stress gauges, loads gauges, tensile strength instruments, etc. which are used in structural analysis.

Structural Analysis of a building includes the analysis of all three types of instruments. The main thing that you need to consider while doing the analysis is to evaluate the stability of the building structure and evaluate it with respect to all other building structures of the same size and of course same material. A well-built structure will withstand any kind of damage which can be caused by the wind, rains, storms, earthquakes, ice, heat, snowfall, high altitude, extreme temperatures, humidity and any other factor which can cause damage to the building. You can do this analysis yourself by taking measurements of the structures using the tools provided.

Good structural design of a structure does not only mean building an attractive structure but it also involves a good planning of its structure and the correct positioning of every part and even every detail like lighting, ventilation, flooring, air conditioning and insulation system, heating system, etc. In order to achieve the correct placement of all the parts of a structure in a well-planned way, you need to carry out the structural design which includes several aspects like load calculations, load rating, etc.

Another important aspect of structural analysis of buildings is the foundation, which is the base of all the building structures. If the foundation of the building is not strong then the entire building cannot stand up. The structure of the foundation determines the stability of the building structure as the foundation is the base of all the construction or structure of the building and is also responsible for keeping the building stable and immovable. Poor foundation results in a structure being unstable and the building may collapse at anytime. To get the stability and immovability back of a structure you need to carry out proper maintenance of the foundation and it also needs a skilled staff to do the maintenance of foundation.

Aging is also one of the major reasons for a structure failing. Therefore, if the structural integrity of a structure is not maintained then this would result in decay and eventually a structure would fail. It is also responsible for the decay of other building structures. So to avoid such situation, you need to carry out regular inspections on the foundation to check the structural integrity of your structures.

As mentioned above, there are several aspects which are involved in the structural design and analysis. There are many factors which are responsible for the stability of a structure and there is an important role played by the design of the building.

Some Things About Structural Design and Analysis
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