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How to Prepare for the Calculus Exam

The Calculus exam covers concepts and skills typically taught in an introductory calculus course in college. The material of each exam is about 60% differential calculus, bounds and limits of integration, and the remainder of calculus. The final test, the written examination, will give you the final grade for your Calculus class.

Before you take your Calculus exam, you should review what you’ve learned in your high school calculus class, and any calculus course that you have taken previously. Also keep in mind that you should be comfortable with problem solving methods, basic calculus tools, and basic formulas before you take your Calculus exam.

Before you begin the exam, make sure to bring a notebook and pen with you so that you can jot down notes on your own while you study. Many students forget to bring the same type of notebook with them when they take the Calculus exam. As an alternative, you can purchase software that is designed to help you keep track of your notes while studying for the exam.

The first section of the Calculus exam is the introduction. In this section, you will need to answer several questions such as the following. For example, you will be asked to write an expression for the area of a circle with two different sides and one side of the circle. Then you will need to show that the square root of the hypotenuse is equal to the base of the circle.

You will also be required to solve for the slope of the line, the value of the constant, the time the slope crosses the line, the slope of the curve, and other examples. You will have ten minutes to complete the introduction.

The next section of the exam will give you a short problem to solve for a quadratic equation. In addition to the quadratic equation you will also be asked to solve for the first and second derivatives. You will need to determine the power of a function at a specific point. Finally, you will need to solve for the integral of a quadratic equation at that point. There are five problems in this section.

You will be required to solve for a difference of differentials of the same as well. You will also be asked to solve for exponents and the ratio of the functions at various points on a graph. If you cannot find a formula for solving for the integral of a quadratic equation, then a calculator can be used to solve for the equation on your calculator.

Lastly, you will have twenty minutes to answer three other questions. The three remaining questions ask you to compare the results of a series of equations on the left hand side of a graph on the right hand side of the graph, using a graph that shows the first and second derivatives of the functions. Finally, you will have ten minutes to complete the last part of the exam. The final problem will also include a question asking you to identify if two given functions are equal.

If you do not know much about calculus, it is best to start at the beginning of the Calculus exam and work your way through the exam. Many people choose to take this exam in two or three sections, rather than taking it all in one go. This will ensure that they can finish the exam faster.

Before you take the test, you should read over the requirements thoroughly. and make sure that you know what to study for. For example, some tests will require that you have taken calculus in high school and be able to solve for the square roots of differentials, so that you can use your calculator properly. Other exams will only require that you have the basics covered, so that you can answer the questions correctly without too much help from the teacher.

Once you have read the requirements, you should find the testing center that you want to take the test in. To get the best test score, the test must be taken online, rather than in the traditional classroom.

The test will have several sections, and it may take many hours to study for the test, but it is worth it when you finally take the test. By then you will be ready to succeed on your calculus class. After you have studied for the exam, make sure that you review what you have already learned before taking the Calculus exam.

How to Prepare for the Calculus Exam
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