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Health Care Management Certificate Program

Faculty in the undergraduate program in the University of Alabama’s Culbertson College of Business Administration and the Culbertson College of Medicine have received multiple honors from the American Academy of Management’s Health Care Administration Division. Dr. Lisa J. Lewis, Ph.D., has been named to the division’s honor roll for 2020. In her three years as a member of the faculty she has mentored more than one hundred students who are preparing to enter the field of Health Care Administration.

Lisa J. Lewis, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of accounting at the University of Alabama, Culbertson College of Business. Dr. Lewis earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Alabama State University, Montgomery. During her undergraduate studies she received a double major in accounting and statistics. Her Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree was earned at the University of Houston.

Dr. Lisa J. Lewis, Ph.D., earned a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Houston. She has also earned a Doctorate Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She was the recipient of the Association for Management Education (AMEA) Distinguished Student Teaching Award. As a member of the American Association of Clinical Accountants (AACTA), Dr. Lewis has been an active participant in various conferences.

A student in this course should demonstrate good communication skills with regards to accounting, medical billing and insurance claims. They must also be able to present information in a clear and concise manner. It is imperative that they be able to demonstrate sound risk management, problem solving and decision making skills in the workplace.

Dr. Lisa J. Lewis, Ph.D., is a member of the American Academy of Management, Inc.’s Executive Committee. She is also the president of the Board of Directors of The Culbertson Center, an outpatient facility for the aged located in Montgomery. Ms. Lewis also serves on the National Association of Business Executives’ (NABEO) National Executive Committee, The Alliance of Women in Business’s (AWBI) Board of Directors, and The Alabama Business Foundation Board of Directors. among others.

Students in this course will learn how to become leaders in an industry by understanding how Health Care Administration affects the daily operations of an organization. They will learn about the role of a manager from management theory and applying it to their work environments. Students will be introduced to the theories and practices of leadership, management, sales, marketing, human resources and finance. This course will provide students with hands-on skills by requiring them to prepare proposals and implement strategies for achieving organizational goals. students will be exposed to the tools used in the business of Health Care Administration.

Students can earn a degree in Health Care Administration from The University of Alabama and begin working in the Health Care Industry upon completion of the program. A certification in Health Care Administration will be awarded upon successful completion of the program and upon satisfactory completion of the certification exam. Students who decide to pursue the Master of Business Administration will be eligible for placement in several hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals.

Students enrolled in an online program are not limited to the curriculum offered at the school. In fact, they are allowed to choose the specific courses that they would like to take. Some of these classes may include Health Care Management Theory, Health Care Administration Theory, Financial Accounting, Medical Billing Theory, Insurance Claims Management Theory, Organizational Theory, Human Resource Management Theory, Risk Management Theory, Strategic Health Planning Theory, and Practice Management Theory.

The coursework in the classroom is varied but consistent throughout all of the courses offered in the program. A student must complete a certain number of credit hours in each of the classes. These credit hours can be completed at the University of Alabama or taken online at another university or college. in the comfort of your home.

In many cases, you can finish the class work in a shorter amount of time and take the online classes and graduate in less time by going through the required courses over a few months. You will be able to get started on the career path right away after completing the coursework.

Once you have earned your Certificate of Completion, you can begin the application process for employment in your chosen profession. Whether you choose to work in an office setting or in a hospital or other health care facility, you will be well on your way to a fulfilling career in the field of Health Care Administration.

Health Care Management Certificate Program
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