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Fundamental Principles of Management

Importance of Business Principles in Management. Improves Knowledge. Directives for Training of Manager.

Role of management – In the field of management, there are a lot of leaders who have got a very limited knowledge about principles of management. It becomes the duty of the manager to provide the direction and inspiration to the other managers. It is also the duty of the manager to guide and instruct them regarding the principles. They are made responsible to develop and maintain their knowledge and techniques to make the organization successful.

Principles of management helps to achieve higher efficiency. It helps in achieving higher level of efficiency in a process or system. The concept of business is the same as the principles of management. It is like making a plan of action and then follow it with a correct execution.

Good management has a lot of skills. It is an advanced skill of management. There are certain qualities that a manager must posses to become effective in a field. These are experience, ability to work under pressure, persistence in performing work and dedication. These are some of the qualities that makes a manager successful.

As we can see the Basic Principles of management can be divided into four categories. The first category consists of ethics. Ethics is based on human nature. We all have the tendency to follow rules and moral laws that will help us to keep away from the pain.

Ethical aspects include honesty, integrity, commitment, fairness and respect. People have a strong sense of fairness, and they try their best to give the best to the other person. Ethical aspect is the most important factor in every human being and there is no one who will respect them if they do not have this characteristic. A manager must follow the ethical laws to get rid of the evil practices.

Secondly, human resource management is concerned about the quality of the human resources that are the life and energy of the organization. If the human resource is poor then the business will not progress. The management of human resources should follow the principles of organization and human resources. If you have poor quality of human resources you will not get any benefit out of the business.

Management of human resource is very important and it is the duty of the manager to control it. If you are a manager then you should follow the rules and regulations of human resource management in order to get more benefits and not to get hurt.

Fundamental Principles of Management
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