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Confluence Technologies Announces StatPro Acquisition

Confluence Technologies, a leading provider of software application development and analysis, today announced that it has purchased StatPro, a leading global provider of asset management solutions, regulatory reporting, investment management and financial data management systems for the asset management market and asset tracking market. This acquisition further demonstrates Confluence’s commitment to supporting companies across all sectors.

“The acquisition of StatPro by Confluence Technologies strengthens our growing portfolio of products and services which are designed to help investors make better business decisions,” said Robert Lopata, managing director, Confluence Technologies. “We are committed to creating customer value through a variety of innovative solutions that are designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements and enhance customer service. The acquisition of StatPro by Confluence helps us to continue to deliver on that commitment to our customers.”

In addition to the StatPro acquisition, Confluence also announced the acquisition of Fap Turbo, another leading provider of integrated, automated financial system software. Fap Turbo is an attractive combination of a simple-to-use financial trading platform and a high-speed data storage, analysis and retrieval solution that are ideal for small and medium-sized companies.

“Our goal is to continue to support our existing customers as well as develop new relationships with our competitors in the asset management and financial marketplaces,” Lopata said. “These acquisitions strengthen our ability to provide our customers with a complete and comprehensive suite of services designed to help them achieve their financial goals and help them grow and create more value for their customers and businesses.”

“We believe that the combined resources of our two companies will enable us to maintain our leadership position in the marketplace and strengthen our position in the financial markets,” Lopata continued. “The combined company will have additional flexibility and leverage and we believe this will allow us to compete with companies who are located thousands of miles away.

“This acquisition completes our strategy to increase shareholder value by combining the powerful technology and know-how from StatPro Technologies with the comprehensive financial reporting and service experience of Confluence Technologies. This combination of these two powerful technologies will enable us to deliver the very best solutions to our customers in the markets we serve.”

The StatPro and Fap Turbo acquisitions by Confluence Technologies were made after the companies conducted a thorough review of their respective businesses. Both companies agree to remain as independent entities and will retain their respective identities.

Both companies have strong plans for continuing to support their customers and partners as they enter the next phase of their growth. They expect to deliver on their commitments to deliver the very best solutions and value to the assets, financial markets and other stakeholders.

“The acquisition of these two companies is a win-win situation for StatPro and Confluence Technologies,” said Robert Johnson, president of StatPro. “Both companies will benefit from the synergies and cost savings from a combined organization and the synergies will increase their competitive advantage and give them added leverage to compete in today’s highly competitive markets.”

“This acquisition will also increase our revenue by helping us bring together a powerful platform and data management and data analytics expertise and capital to help us meet the needs of our customers,” said John W. Wieck, senior vice president and general manager of finance and business development at Confluence Technologies. “We believe that this integration will strengthen the company’s position in the asset management and financial marketplaces and help us meet the need to become a leader in our chosen industry.” “The acquisition of these two companies represents a strategic move by StatPro and Confluence Technologies to accelerate the growth of our business,” said Frank E. Neely, founder and president of Confluence Technologies. “They have a proven track record of providing excellent solutions to the customer community and now we can provide these solutions to our customers and partners as one unit.

The combined company will provide a unique blend of technology and financial solutions, designed to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and sales. We believe that this will help us build upon our solid foundation to become a trusted leader in the market place.”

“The acquisition of these two companies provides us with additional opportunity to expand into new markets, provide a higher level of customer service and leverage our financial resources. Both companies are strong, profitable and well-respected companies that will continue to provide superior value to our customers and partners,” said David B. Tousignant, executive chairman of Confluence Technologies. “We are committed to continuing our mission to provide the best solutions to our customers and clients.”

Confluence Technologies Announces StatPro Acquisition
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