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HR Staff Training: Using MPH Public Health to Your Advantage

One of the most important aspects of running a healthy and efficient company is to have an effective leadership team, or the presence of effective leaders, who are accountable for the work of their subordinates. The ability to motivate people is an important skill, but it can also be developed in other areas, such as […]

Masters in Public Administration

The Masters in Public Administration (MPA) is a master’s degree in public administration that has a strong focus on managing public service issues. The Masters in Public Administration program is an excellent opportunity for graduates who have a desire to be involved in social service and a desire to work in government agencies and private […]

Graduate Level Statistics

If you are looking to use graduate level statistics in your research or study, then you may be wondering which ones to look at. This article provides a general description of graduate level statistics so that you can learn how to use these different techniques to your advantage. For the most part, undergraduate level statisticians […]

Belief System For Happiness – Expectation Theory

The “Expectation Theory” is a concept that I coined in order to describe a group of phenomena and events that occur in society. These events and phenomena can be found in every corner of life and are very often considered to be random, though in reality, they can be predicted. Expectations are the driving forces […]

The Basic Process of Attending Law School

The Bar exam is part of our legal system. It is part of all the required bar exam required for entry into any legal practice in the country. It also is a very important part of many state’s bar associations. The first step to taking the bar exam is to attend a four year college […]

What Is Intermediate Accounting?

Intermediate accounting takes the nitty gritty of business bookkeeping to the next level, with every aspect of the process being accounted for in detail. These accounts are used to make decisions about assets, liabilities, sales, purchases, inventory, and financial statements. The following paragraphs will give some ideas about what the role of intermediate accounts are […]

What Are Micro And Macro Economics?

In its basic definition, macroeconomics refers to use the Federal Reserve’s interest rate, tax policies, and governmental spending to control the growth and stability of an entire economy. It’s a field of economic research dealing with how an entire economy behaves in relation to each other, affecting the behavior and structure of that economy. This […]

Writing Effective Marketing Articles for MBA Marketing

Marketing MBA is a peer reviewed academic journal which focuses on marketing education and research related to marketing management companies. The publisher-in-chief, Roman R. Sidoruk, is a professor at the University of North Texas. It has been founded in 2020 by Green Mall, an educational publishing company based in New York City. As part of […]

Information Technology – Where You Can Find Information

Information technology (IT) describes the whole process by which computers are used to manage information. Every time you access a file, download an application or stream a video, you are accessing IT services. There are many areas of study which fall under IT, including software engineering, database design, computer programming, web development and much more. […]

Using Online Math Tutors to Help With Distinctive Distinctions in the Art of Deductive Calculus

Many students are finding discrete mathematics assistance services worldwide online with 100% satisfaction from discrete math homework assistance services. It is usually a prelude to math classes, though computer science and some students may integrate it more in their regular college work. Discrete math homework assistance also is sometimes combined with calculus or algebra, but […]

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