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A Look At The NY Arts Exam

The New York State Teachers Credentialing Commission (NYSTCC) requires all students to take an art exam in order to receive a teaching license from the state. The exam is part of the NYSTCC’s review process to determine whether the student’s potential as a teacher is worth continuing training for. An art exam evaluates each student’s art education and performance in an art room environment. The exam is designed to assess the student’s teaching skills, understanding, and ability to teach art at various levels, to demonstrate an appreciation for visual art, and to demonstrate proficiency in reading and writing.

NYSTC Visual Arts Exam is a multiple-choice test that tests the students knowledge and abilities to teach effectively in New York City public schools. This test is required by the state and the student must pass the exam in order to receive the license. It is divided into three parts. In Part I, students are shown a number of painting techniques and concepts and asked to identify the techniques with an example in their work. Students are then given a list of painting techniques that they can use to demonstrate their mastery of the techniques.

Part II involves students showing their understanding of concepts of painting and their ability to paint a scene. Students will be shown different paintings that they may choose to paint based on what they see in the painting. They will then have to select the painting that they think best portrays the concept. For example, if they see a painting depicting a city scene, they might think of the city and its people. They would then have to paint the scene to represent the city and their own artistic vision of the city.

In Part III, students are shown different painting techniques, but will not have to paint the same painting. Instead, they will have to recreate the painting using techniques that they have learned during their education. Once the students have successfully recreated the painting, they will have to submit an oral report about the creation process to evaluate their understanding of the painting. The oral report will be based on the written report that was given in Part II and they will have to describe how they used their knowledge and skill to recreate the painting to depict the subject matter that was presented to them. Students will also be evaluated for their oral presentation skills, writing skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving skills when presented with a difficult painting.

Part IV of the exam requires students to demonstrate their ability to read, write, listen, and analyze information. through a written essay on a selected subject. The essay will be based on the information that was provided by the oral report that was given in Part II and will evaluate each student’s skills. based on the topic that was provided.

Part V of the exam involves students performing a vignette. This is a painting that has already been created by an artist who has painted the scene or is being painted by a student who is demonstrating the skill. This painting will be a small, one-inch by one-inch, single-page creation that includes one or more elements of the scene and may include color schemes. Students will then have to create an interpretation of the painting by choosing the best elements in their painting and presenting an explanation of their creation to the judge. If the student’s interpretation of the painting is deemed to be accurate, they will be awarded the correct certificate.

New York City public school teachers must pass this examination in order to obtain a license from the state and continue to practice as a teacher. This exam is required by law and the NYSTCC does not accept substitutes.

The New York State Teachers Credentialing Commission makes these requirements known in the NYSTCC Act and the state department of education, Office of General Counsel, is responsible for implementing the law. For students who want to take the visual arts exam, they should check with their state Department of Education or find out what requirements are necessary to take it in their state. Students who are considering attending the New York City public schools should check their local district for information regarding the licensing requirements. The best time to begin preparations for the visual arts exam is while you are still in high school because most students will complete the exam during their senior year.

A Look At The NY Arts Exam
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